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Guest Lecturers since 2010
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Within the 2010- 2013 PhD cycle, questions raised and discussed by Mutra scholars 

  • have centered around the problems of representing, comparing and establishing concepts for translation purposes across languages and texts and
  • opened up possible methodological avenues for ‘qualitative’ research (methods) with respect to the concepts of ‘culture’ (as it differs in technology, cultural science, intercultural communication) and ‘sense’ (literary studies vis-à-vis ‘sense’ in translated texts), the theoretical & methodological stance of Translation ‘Studies‘ vs Translation ‘Science’ within the paradigms of natural science and the humanities, the establishment of a ‘tertium comparations’ as a comparability standard of translations, the ‘added value’ for evaluating Translation research results and finally the problematic transfer of images to text in audiodescription.

The framework of topics discussed in this period is accessible at Additional events (translation talks & workshops) are listed as part of the ATRC events at

We sincerely thank our guest lecturers in this period for sharing our discussions and offering expert opinions from a great variety of fields such as art, communication, conflict research, philosophical ethics, technology and sustainability, empirical T&I research and practice, literature, philology and intercultural communication: