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Translation researchers from a wide range of mediated-communication disciplines and engage in an intensive, academically creative discourse on difficult, translation-relevant problems either within the framework of a doctoral thesis (PhD) or with a view to elaborating viable and innovative attempts at solutions. We operate on three levels:

  • The Doctoral College MuTra takes difficult, highly complex problems of mediated communication as its starting point. Solutions for such problems usually cut across several academic disciplines affecting a diverse range of translation areas (including audiodescription, (live) subtitling and/or written interpretation) and involve a mutual exchange by international actors from the public and private sectors. Bilingual German-English weekly and/or intensive seminars, individual coaching and/or practical workshops and guest lectures by well-known experts equip participants with in-depth knowledge in the fields of planning theory and methodology.

  • The operational unit for handling this interchange and cross-fertilization is the Advanced Translation Research Center (ATRC) with its offers of complementary practical Translation workshops and other events. It is integrated into Saarland University‚Äôs Graduate Center GradUS.

  • The Translation Concepts Network encourages the exchange and dissemination of new developments within Translation concepts and events as part of a common Translation framework of conceptual thought and research principles.