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We Work on Translation concepts and methodologies

Translation concepts are based on the understanding of Translation as mediating communication between two or more partners. Our Translation concepts were created and have been refined within major research projects such as dissertations and habilitations and range from the concept of multi-layered understanding of texts in their multiple dimensions and varieties via comparing the cultural variation of concepts in their cultural specific settings to producing translated texts for multiple purposes, including subtitling, audio-description and (written) interpretation.

We offer two sections:

  • Translation Concepts
    presented in alphabetical order to reflect the latest research-based concepts in the field of Translation. They are not – to the best of our knowledge -  refuted by any pertaining literature. They will be given with annotations and/or literature references wherever possible. We welcome comments, suggestions for improvement and expert opinion and discussion.
  • Translation Principles and Methodologies
    operating along strict research principles beyond quantitative designs. They include systematic designs and implementations of qualitative research: from individual-based text analysis, superordinated reference standards for comparison and operationalized translation purposes. They have been developed by the
    Advanced Translation Research Center (ATRC) under the umbrella of Saarland University’s Graduate Center GradUS.
The Translation Concepts Network will make these concepts and methodologies available as an on-going project for public use. Our aim is to encourage the exchange and dissemination of new developments within Translation as part of a common Translation framework of conceptual thought and methodological principles.